A little bit about me

Just a little bit about me.

My profession is Japanese to English (and vice-versa) translation.
I love translating – or rather, I love being able to bridge two people who would otherwise be unable to communicate with each other, through translating between two languages. I was born from an international marriage, and I received my first bits of “training” when my mother (who speaks primarily in English) wanted me to tell her what our Pastor (who was speaking in Japanese) was saying at church.

I didn’t start out wanting to be a full-time translator, though. Of all things, I wanted to be a manga artist, or a computer graphics artist. It wasn’t until going through art school to realize it wasn’t for me. It was in part my fault for not applying myself fully to the craft. but also partially because I do not have any artistic/design sensibilities in general. 😛

At the time of writing this, I’ve been a professional translator for about 11 years. I’d like to think I have some insight I can provide into the practice of translating.


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