How I (try to) cope with “time blindness” (Part 1)

Whenever I’m trying to get ready in the morning.

感情表現 / Expressing emotions

I have a hard time showing emotions, especially positive ones. I’m very envious of those who are very open and vocal about showing enthusiasm or delight. Whenever there is an opportunity to react, like when I receive a gift, for example, my expression is very, very subtle. Of course, I show gratitude and at the very least say “thank you,” though.

I am also very envious of girls that can be friendly with anyone they meet. Perhaps, I am worried about surprising the folks who have already assumed I am a quiet person. (Which is strange, I know, but people have looked at me weird for “breaking character.”)

I mean, I am trying, but the road to being able to sufficiently express my emotions is still very long…

Being Humble / 謙遜

For some time now, I have tried to stop myself from rejecting compliments. Based on my upbringing, “being humble” is considered to be a good thing, but I feel like the way I phrase my words lets the other person think I’m really not good enough. Nowadays, I just say “thank you!” I also want to start complimenting people in return when they say something nice about me. That would be the next steps :p


自己開示 / Opening up

For me, it’s a hassle to open up.